About us

Valdera is a sourcing platform for chemicals and raw materials. Our technology empowers companies to find the specialized inputs and formulations they need to build the future of sustainable & branded products. We're automating the sourcing workflow by taking the most tedious contract negotiations and paperwork online. Valdera helps manufacturers streamline their workflow and take their products to market in a fraction of the time.

Effortless sourcing is the root of cutting-edge innovation in sustainable consumer products, pharmaceuticals, industrials, and more. We hope you join us in transforming the massive, yet antiquated chemicals and industrials supply chain.

Our team

Our VC-backed team is led by former Stanford and MIT engineers with a proven track record of working with over twenty Fortune 500 chemical companies and developing B2B SaaS products for large enterprise clients. Our team draws on engineering expertise and business experience working with industry leaders like McKinsey, Amazon, SAP, Qualtrics, and $1B+ venture capital funds. We're incredibly passionate about the chemicals industry and helping shape the future of commercial sustainability.

We're looking for talented engineers and designers to join our fast-paced and tight-knit team. You'll play a core role in building out and iterating on our first product at Valdera, all the while shaping our vision from the very start.



Open positions

How to apply

Please reach out to [email protected] with your resume if you are interested in joining us. If you are applying for the Product Designer position, please also include your portfolio. Excited to connect with you!